NWA is a leader in sustainable development, providing environmentally-sound waste and water management solutions, as well as a suite of industrial services. Supported by a wide range of NWA-owned assets and infrastructure, we provide the following services:


North West Alliance provides a total waste management solution for waste streams generated within the Pilbara, including offshore waste generated by the oil and gas industry. We collect, transport, treat and dispose of all liquid, solid and hazardous waste streams, with a focus on maximising the diversion of waste from landfill. We manage a variety of waste streams generated through industries operating in the Pilbara, including:
  • General waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Recyclables
  • Liquid and hazardous waste
  • Medical and quarantine waste
  • Packaged waste & dangerous goods collections

Onsite Waste Facility Services

North West Alliance provides clients with operation and maintenance services for onsite waste facilities, including:

  • Bio-farm and bio-remedial facilities
  • Onsite landfills
    Septic and waste water treatment plants
  • Oily water treatment plants


This has the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs through optimising plant cost drivers
  • Increased regulatory compliance and reduced non-conformance
  • Increased asset life
  • Transfer of operational risk to North West Alliance
  • Integrated scheduled maintenance program across multiple waste assets
  • Benchmarking across waste assets leading to monitoring & other efficiencies
  • Local technicians available to operate plant at all times
  • Transparent and consistent reporting (can support compliance & continuous improvement)
  • Employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal and other local people
  • Diversion of waste from landfill and liquid recovery


Sustainability Consulting

North West Alliance provides sustainability services to support our customers to divert waste from landfill and enable liquid recovery to achieve best-practice outcomes. We can assist with:

  • Developing and implementing sustainability strategies
  • Sustainability site assessments
  • Waste management reports and waste action plans
  • Waste composition audits
  • Education and behaviour change programs
  • Sustainability packages
  • Testing and proper identification of waste (onsite chemist)
  • Waste asset audits

Specialised Waste Projects

In the event of unexpected or specialised waste issues, North West Alliance investigates the most cost-effective and environmentally-compliant solution to help our customers manage their risk.

NWA has scoped and implemented many highly specialised waste projects to collect, divert and dispose of waste streams that are problematic or produced in unique conditions, such as:

  • Unexpected waste contamination from weather events
  • Waste generated from infrastructure failure, eg. train derailments or defects
  • Contaminated soils and PFAS
  • Legacy waste that has not been properly identified or stored
  • Specialised waste streams, eg. NORM, hazardous & quarantine waste, packaged waste & dangerous goods

Industrial Services

North West Alliance uses the safest, most efficient and environmentally sound methods to tackle challenges facing every aspect of industrial plant and equipment cleaning. Our services include:

  • Vacuum loading to assist with vessel cleaning, wet and dry product recovery, dust containment, tunnel vacuuming, removal of heavy sludge, site material transfer, wet well cleaning, trench cleanouts, drainage and sewer system cleaning.
  • High pressure water cleaning to assist with jetting / tank cleaning, deep cone tank cleaning, floor cleaning, pipe cleaning, jacketed pipe-heater unit cleaning, surface preparation for protective coatings, online precipitation cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning.
  • Application of protective coatings

Assets and Infrastructure

Bin Types:

Front lift 3m3 and 4.5m3 

Hook lift bins 10m3 up to 30m3

Skip bins 6m3 and 9m3 

Mobile garbage bins (MGB’s) 240L 

6 pack lifters 

Hydrocarbon bins 2.6 m3 and 1.7m3

Truck Types:

Hook lift trucks 

Skip trucks 

Front lift trucks 

Vacuum trucks 

Liquid tankers 

Potable water tankers


Flat-deck road trains

Triple Road Train Tanker Combination capability