Social, environmental and economic sustainability

At North West Alliance, we regard social, environmental and economic sustainability as vital to what we do – and how we do it.

We can also assist our customers to assess and improve their sustainability efforts. Our sustainability services  support our customers to achieve best-practice outcomes.


NWA uses the latest technology, such as our digital sustainability reporting platform, ECOLOGIC, which provides customers with up-to-date information on their waste services. Metrics include diversion rates, volumes and masses of different waste streams, greenhouse gas emissions and breakdown by locations.

Customers can view the ECOLOGIC platform 24/7 and easily see the effectiveness of new initiatives and whether sustainability targets are being met.  The platform can also identify areas for improvement.

Aboriginal Economic Participation

NWA has introduced an Aboriginal Economic Participation Standard which operates across five key pillars: cultural safety, management systems, workforce participation, supplier participation and capacity strengthening.

Our baseline target is for 10% of our revenue to be reinvested in the economic development of Aboriginal people across these pillars. This helps to ensure we maximise our impact in Aboriginal communities and hold ourselves accountable.

Waste Solutions & Diversion

North West Alliance is committed to supporting sustainable outcomes for waste generated within the Pilbara region. This includes supporting our clients’ diversion, recovery, and sustainability targets through continued investment in people and infrastructure within the Pilbara region, to improve local capability in waste recovery and management solutions.